Streaming Videos

How about streaming Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Broadcast Videos, Home videos online?

GoogleAdsNetwork will help your videos go Online!!

With the advancements in the Internet world, the ever increasing bandwidth, it is now possible to move your off-line video content to on-line.

Streaming video is the current technology used to present or broadcast videos over the internet. Streaming Videos help the user to view the video as soon as the browser receives certain amount of data. This eliminates the need to wait till the entire video is downloaded.

The team of GoogleAdsNetwork has the knowledge and expertise to convert videos into high quality streaming videos using the latest tools and technologies.

GoogleAdsNetwork has been a reliable media partner who understands your needs just as well as you do. If you already have streaming videos partner and not happy with the service, you can always rely on GoogleAdsNetwork for managing your online streaming videos.

GoogleAdsNetwork assures high quality streaming videos, latest technology and reliable support.

At GoogleAdsNetwork the video file sizes are kept as small as possible without compromising with the quality so that the streaming videos do not use up a lot of bandwidth. GoogleAdsNetwork is capable of providing videos in different bit rates which include 56K, 100K, ISDN, T1,T2.

GoogleAdsNetwork can also deliver "ON–DEMAND" videos and "LIVE WEBCAST" solutions. Besides porting your videos to internet, GoogleAdsNetwork also takes the responsibility of designing, promoting and managing your online portal.

CMPT's goal is to provide a video experience on the web that is provide visual treat and is of the highest quality. You can be sure that the final product will provide a compelling platform to broadcast across the globe.

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